5 Internal Signs of Conflict

Spain, July 2012. 79 people killed in a horrific train accident. Three warnings were given to reduce speed in the two minutes before the accident. All were ignored! Accidents, train wrecks and business conflicts all have warning signs that are too often disregarded. The results are catastrophic. In 2008, 385 million working days were consumed […]

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How to Start a Business: 8 Essential Pieces to a Successful Startup

Did you know there is a significant distinction between working IN your business and working ON your business?  Many bright and knowledgeable people enter into a business in which they feel they have a core competency.  These people are highly trained in their field and have excellent skills in areas in which they are trained, […]

How Start a Business: Business Model

How to Sell Your Services without Compromising Your Values

“The power of an accurate paradigm lies in its ability to explain and predict.” Stephen R. Covey A proper paradigm should become a process that allows you to measure progress and adjust your focus. As a sales person, start-up business, or seasoned business owner, it’s important to have an accurate sales paradigm so that when […]

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